The Essence of Remembering to be a 'Woman'

To my dearest daughters, my wife, my mother, my sister-in-law’s, all my female colleagues. Also, a special thank you to all the women that have attended my seminars and those whom had consultations. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being my guidance and inspiration when writing this book.

The Essence of Remembering to be a 'Woman'

The essence of remembering to be a ‘Woman’

To my dearest daughters, my wife, my mother, my sister-in-law’s, all my female colleagues. Also, a special thank you to all the women that have attended my seminars and those whom had consultations. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being my guidance and inspiration when writing this book.


I hope this book will bring you healing in abundance within a universe of polarity, I have detailed h


Since the day of the creation, the presence of Women have symbolised blessings and abundance because women too are creators by having the gift of being able to give birth.   Considering men have so many physical advantages, they would only be able assist in creating but never be able to give birth to another life. Whereas women, with the blessing of God can bring ‘life’ to this world.

Most Women once reached the stage of ‘Motherhood’ they forget to be a woman, while busy being a ‘Wife’ forget that they are a ‘lover’.  Whilst caught up in life ‘giving’ for their husband and children they forget to live for ‘themselves’.

Looking back at the childhood backgrounds of these women, I realized that they fell into the groups where they either were the unwanted child or a child that initially their families expected a boy instead of girl. They mainly grew up in an environment where they sensed disappointment from their families, or they grew up in an environment where boys were favoured instead of girls and because of this they felt worthless.

Whilst growing up if they were in an environment where they had seen their mothers struggle in life, being undervalued or belittled. They then understood this as ‘women are weak and hopelessly in turmoil’, interpreting this in their emotions that being a woman ‘is to be to be weak’.  

The consequences of this then brings acceptance of the thought ‘If I am more like a man no one can hurt me’, I can still live with my self-respect, dignity and values. Women that send out the vibration of masculine energy are bold, tough and honourable characters. In fact, most of them are admired and applauded for their masculine ways. Some parents even say “My daughter is bold, just like a man”, sometimes peers and society applaud them instead of guiding them to adapt to their female energy within their female bodies.

To be able to protect their existence in the way they have adapted themselves, they are constantly giving and give up so much of themselves in their own lives and are also very willing and giving when supporting loved ones.

Everyone physically has a gender role, every woman being female and every man being male and within each individual we have both masculine and feminine energies. You must remember that this is not a ratio of 50/50 in a person, it is more like ‘Yin’. When looking at the ‘Yin and yang symbol’ it shows you when two opposites attract to make one whole in balance and harmony, ‘Yin’ being feminine and ‘Yang’ being masculine and in each lives a little of the other ‘hence the dot withing them’.   This is a fine example of the balance of energy men and women should have within themselves, everyone lives their life in their gender role but with their feminine/masculine energies that they send out to others. When the opposing energy within them is magnified, they can easily sense and understand the other gender. This too can be a gift.

From what I have mentioned above, if women use and send out the vibe of their masculine energy which should be at lower than the balance of their feminine energy.  Without realizing….should they boost this energy they then start to attract problems into their lives, starting with their relationships, their partners, children, colleagues and can even bring on unwanted health issues.

The consequence of women using their masculine energy from childhood or adulthood may have unknowingly caused them traumas, depression, perhaps even neglect or abandonment partly or completely in the past or within their lives. When women give so much of themselves to their partner or their sons, they find that they end up living great disappointed by them.

How can a woman tell if she is using her masculine energy?

You need to stand in front of the mirror and look directly into your eyes, looking back at you do you see a woman? Or someone who is standing strong like a man? When looking in the mirror into your eyes you will sense the energy that is heightened within you.


There is another practice you can do too… stand up and straight, ensure your body is relaxed and not stiff. The ask yourself?  “am I using feminine energy?’.   If I’m using my feminine energy my body will naturally lean forward but if I’m using my masculine energy my body will tilt back, with this test your body will answer you.

If you’re not a controlling person, and you don’t feel the need to have control in every situation in life then this will be an easy practice to do, if you are controlling person then your body may resist the balance.

Another practice is to ask yourself the following:-

What am I? Who have I been living as? Your inner emotions will tell you if you are a feminine or masculine woman. Look at it this way, if you are a woman that uses her masculine energy more you will find that responsibilities and the weight on your shoulders are more the kind of weight of what a man would carry. For instance if you sense the following:- ‘I am both mother and father to my children’ or ‘I’m more of a man than he is’ then be careful! It’s time to wake up… your brain is giving incorrect messages to your body and ‘it’s telling you that you’re not a woman, you’re actually a man’ intensifying your masculine energy giving you the will to stand stronger and unbalancing your energies as a woman.  

When Starting from the beginning

Without realising most men look for a partner like their mother, generally as time goes by, he compares his wife to his mother, creating an unbalanced atmosphere by starting to rock the boat in the home.

Comments like “My mum’s cooking is better, my mum was tidier…my mum was the perfect mum, she would do anything for us”.

Now let’s look at this at a different perspective! What kind of a vibe would a woman send out to attract a man that compares her to his mother? The chances are more than likely that a woman with magnified masculine energy would attract a man like this.

Currently relationships are the hardest test in life. The statistics of divorce is higher than ever, most divorces are because their partners changed over time. Some women even say their partner wasn’t a good person and that they just aren’t the person they were when they fell in love initially.

As time goes by women turn into a different woman and men into a different man, they are not even the same people when they first met.

The attraction between a couple when they first meet is far greater than after time has passed, whereby the attraction weakens, therefore relationship becomes monotonous. Couples rarely try to make each other happier, then the abundance of their bond in their relationship weakens. As it weakens the financial worries set in, once materialistic and financial worries set in you then send out the vibe of your worries. Women always worry, she will worry if her husband’s income is not high enough or too low. She would never make this obvious to her partner, but she becomes a stress ball of a mother. “As long as my children and husband are happy!” she then starts to limit on herself.  Then as she keeps giving, one day she will look back to see time has flown and she has evaporated herself in the process because by always giving from yourself doesn’t always make yourself happy.

Men too are affected

As a woman starts to give, she finds that her energy for the will to live the lifestyle she had no longer has the power it once did. Once her energies frequency starts to drop, her partners frequency starts to drop too.

As a woman if you have the of fear’ of being ‘worthless’; then you will attract a man that feels worthless because he felt he was never loved by his parents.

If you have a problem with your parents; then you will attract someone who has a problem with his parents too straight into your life.  

If you feel unloved, as soon as someone shows you attention you will question their intention “ why is he being nice to me?”.

If someone has the fear of being worthless, as soon as someone loves them, they will start think “why would this person love me?”

When wanting a perfect man from the universe, are you ready for this man to enter your life? Because he’s coming… but this time you’ll create excuses because ‘you’ are not ready.  All of this is because you have not forgiven your mother or father with past issues. Also, if you don’t forgive your past relationships then you bring traumas into your new relationship(s). You assume that this new person will hurt you like the last person did. If you have this fear, then how strange it is that you will attract the same type of partner into your life.

The man in your life will try around three years to please and love you, he will try everything he can.  If he feels unappreciated, then in the end he will give up trying and when this does happen, you’ll realise how much you actually loved him.

You then start to think, “You used to be so nice…. you always used to surprise me with little gestures, romantic words? Why have you changed? Why are you so cold towards me?”  

This is because when the man in your life is trying to make you happy, he actually makes himself happy too, but when he sees you unhappy, he stops trying. And when he stops trying, he withdraws his attention and energy from you. What you don’t realise is, is that you get a thrill from this energy and if he draws away from you, your attraction becomes stronger and you are drawn towards him. This becoming a chase between the two of you. He too would have the fears of insignificance, loneliness, neglect, abandonment and worthlessness. Probably he never managed to please his parents too or his father never managed to please his mother. This is where the similarities make you understand that we are also passed on tests from our ancestors too. Before starting a relationship with someone it is always best to find out what their relationship is like with their parents and siblings, but before looking into their relationships ensure you take a look at yours.

You might think “It’s ok! I can change his ways…”

Most people are hopeful about this, from the thousands of consultations I can confirm that have never met anyone that has managed to change their partners ways. People can’t change their partners because it’s impossible to change their ways or character. No matter how much you try you would never be able to change a woman or a man because they are exactly who they are.

Rarely you can change a person but because they’re unhappy, you won’t be happy either….in fact, you start to complain that they are just like you.

The excitement of your relationship goes…It’s always best to know that if you were to live with someone like yourself, it would be monotonus.

Needs and expectations

What would happen if we could change people to be like ourselves??

In this world of seven and a half billion people, it would be boring should we all be the same.


Sometimes people, prepare a checklist of the ‘type’ of person they plan to settle with. So they start the relationship with this list..”Handsome, romantic, financially stable, good career, someone that can carry me in public..”

So, my answer to this is “should these four men know about each other?”

If you look at a man’s height, then be sure he will be checking you out on your exterior and looks too. If you generally assess people by their looks be sure that this energy is reflected and they will assess you in the same way. Therefore, you need to change the way you assess a person to reflect this back on the way he’d look at you. So instead of looking at his eye colour, if you were to look at the depth of ‘his’ character and to do this you need to look within to the depth of ‘your’ character.

Sometimes when relationships end it really wears us down and you say to yourself “never again”, then you find you have a que of people wanting to pursue a relationship with you. When you chase them, they run but when you run they chase you. Then a sign of jealousy sets in, “where were you all when I was available and showing interest?”

Don’t forget this is the ‘needing’ vibe that you send out, then you become needed. When life is passing you by and you start to say “I’m getting old, I need to settle down and get married”  you send out the ‘desperation’ vibe,  by doing this you start to attract your fears with it too. “It’s the beginning of the month and I’m penniless, I needed to do this and that, but how?”.  As soon as your fears set in it attracts the financial difficulties with it, even if money comes in it finds a way of going too. Abundance does not stay, most of the time it comes in one hand and goes from the other.

Women in relationships find that she will prepare her partners favourite meal and a romantic evening, but he arrives home late and would have eaten.

When you want an emotional bond with your partner, the total opposite happens and you find that you have become distanced emotionally.  


Two men in one relationship won’t work


Everyone answers to something in life, people who manage to stay in the present moment are the happiest. The best way to be is to stay in the present, is to forgive your past, to accept what has gone on in the past, to stay in the moment and not to worry about the future. Some women manage to attract and surround herself in the wonders of the universe and this is best done by being in acceptance of their feminine essence.

Then there are those whom are continue to complain in denial of what their energy attracts, by complaining:-

“Since a child I have worked like a maid….. I have done my womanly duties….. I have let myself go to give my all to my children, husband/family… Why me??

Ask yourselves up until now ‘what have you done for yourself?’ When doing something for yourself have you had to pay a price? Have you ever said to yourself “it’s not a problem if I go without” yet you never let anyone else go without?

Just to get on in life you carry the burden of being strong, being honourable by standing bold just like a man and it is more than likely these women are far from where they dreamed they would be as a child.

Without realising by magnifying your masculine energy, your energies vibration boosts you making you feel stronger emotionally and mentally. By doing this you then start to create and possibly have the same energy as your partner. In this situation the man in your life will the start to behave differently to you. There are generally two types of groups he will fall into. He will either be a tougher guy than you and this will make you both clash in your relationship, because two men in one relationship does not work. Or he will be irresponsible, so much so that he will leave you to deal with all his roles as well as yours and will be happy to share your life in this way.

It’s time to wake up! How far are you from the significant you?

If you don’t find the balance within yourself you will always attract and imbalanced person, by continuing to send out the masculine vibe you will be like two men trying to live in the same home, in the same relationship.

Two men in the one house just doesn’t work…

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