I was used to be a very controlled person. I believed that everything would be safe if I had the control of it. I was used to intervene to ensure that my life is under control and not upside down. I protected and tried to maintain my controlled personality structure because of my worries concerned with my future. Eventually, I had no strength. Everything I tried to control was now uncontrollable. I lost everything I had one by one and had nothing to hold on. Everything was now out of control as tried to suppress them insistently. That turned my life totally upside down.

Dear God, what kind of an affliction was this?

Struggling not to turn my life upside down and as I tried to keep everything under control; a sentence taught me a really good lesson:

Why are you afraid of being upside down? How do you now the overturned is not better?”

I resisted to the change!

What am I supposed to do?

As I researched, I encountered with the terms “flow” and “be in the moment”. But what were these anyway?

Bodies have energies. I used almost all of mine for prior negativities, life experiences and bad memories; whereas I used the remaining for worries concerned with my future. There was almost no energy left for “the moment”. Now considering my characteristic structure, I was used to be someone touchy, fragile and who excessively minded what others do and say to him. I maintained my life with little energy. At this point, I shuddered with a great awareness.

If only I could manage coinciding my backwardly wasted energy on prior experiences and the forwardly sacrificed energy on predictions of the future concerns; then I could create a broad change in my life!

I worked on this issue for a long while. Because it was an issue and a process that I had no idea about what it could b or how it could work. The point was to use my own energy on myself instead of the others. All of it... Theoretically it was very simple: To find what the divine flow was and trust it!

Gazing through the stars, one night I thought that even before the presence of mankind; there were the Sun, the planets, the stars... And they did preserved their entities without any problems occurring through a divine miracle. That would only

indicate the perfection of the divine order. God knows how many times I tried to control it with intervening, thus get myself into the troubles!

What happens if you put your hand inside a cogwheel system which is working with an absolute perfection? I did put my hand into that system many times: It only delays the realization of the things you might want to happen.

I did not get angry this time, yet I was accepted my prior experiences...

I started to try things in life in order to be in the moment. Whatever I did at that moment, I tried to think merely that thing. At first, thoughts belonging the past and worries concerning the future kept intervening and both affected my attention every time.

The initial experiences of tries regarding the moment were concerned with little things such as cooking a dish, watching a film, cleaning the house... I wondered how many times I was used to go backwards via thoughts regarding the past. The only point of cleaning the entire house was to slow down or silence the thoughts occupying my mind, in the past. However, now I only thought about cleaning the house and enjoying it. As I kept practicing, I started to live experiences as now I call of “miracles” yet I was used to utter as “coincidences”. What I did was quite simple indeed: Whatever I do at that moment, I did it with concentration and love... I sustained my practises for approximately 3 months.

Yes, now I was finally able to see some visible changes in life. And the positive changes of me and my life became visible for the others around me as well. I saw that specific circumstances that I thought “I could never change!” or “There was nothing I can do” and my perception of those circumstances advanced positively. I accomplished this through shifting my thoughts and changing my points of view of life.

I was preparing to say “Wow! Was that such easy to accomplish?” but some thought saying “Why did you waste you your life for 30 years with obstacles? Most of it went right into the bin!” At that moment, I recalled one of my prior affirmations: I have done what I had done, in order to have known what I know now!”

I was pretty good at attracting my fears into my life, which is why I intended to reverse it! Progressions regarding this kept maintained.

I was rather surprised seeing my mother, brothers and my daughter were progressing well just like I did. It was quite interesting! I progressed well, so did

everybody around me. Instead of trying to make them happy through lots of efforts, it made me happy to see that everybody was happier than they were and all I did was making only me happy. Then I said: “Keep forward with love!”

I was able to observe the presence of divine flow as I focused my energy on to the moment I lived. In fact, the divine flow existed anytime, I only could not figure it out just because of my excessively controlled personality and concerns regarding the future and regrets belonging to the past.

The level of my unawareness was something like that: There was a sign in the entrance of the street I lived indicating “No cars allowed!” however I did not realize it until the day I bought a car!

It would not mean that something does not exist just because you do not see it!

As I started to feel the divine flow in my life, I also noticed that the life was in fact easy however it was me who made it harder with the teachings of my ancestors. Everything is safe in the entire Universe, so we are... We are all under a divine protection under every condition.

It was stated with the pillars of faith as well: “Believe in the unity of God, believe in its angels, its holy book; believe in afterlife.”

I scrutinized other Holy books and visions of other Prophets and as I understood, they all adopted the same prospective. All of them grounded their disciplines on forgiveness, acceptance, love and UNITY.

Quran confirms that the Creator did not create even a single thing without a purpose

Following my unconditional obedience to the divine system God created, I started to live profoundly created miracles and beauties.

I adopted a new perspective:

I rely on the flow of life; I deserve and completely open myself to miracles. I know that there is an achievement and a happiness process for the ones whose heart is pure I deserve everything what is beautiful.”

The process from the bottom to the peak, almost took 3 years of me... This process was full of ups and downs; sometimes happy, sometimes desperate. I never give up on and made a promise to myself:

If only I put my labour to myself that I willingly do for the others, there is not anything that I cannot accomplish! Thus, I choose to do so.”

I thank every single molecule, from the bottom of my heart that contributed me in the divine flow.

Presence in the moment and the trust for the divine flow are the most profound miracle and wealth in the life.

Dear God, I affectionately accept and take the responsibility of my actions regarding the negativities, which I earlier complained and now realized, that served only for the purpose of bringing me to you.

I choose your love and your light.

I intend to obey to the system you created through ease and health.

I and the ones I loved; we are all safe...”

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